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Hi, I use a Mac Pro with an Ortur Master 2 laser. I have been cutting vinyl records(with all safety precautions) for a year with great success until recently where there seems to be a drop off of the cutting ability. The cuts will no longer go through smoothly. I have focused the laser, cleaned the lens and checked I don’t have perforation mode on. I’ve experimented with speeds and power and increased the passes but to no avail. Apologies for picture quality.
What am I doing, that I wasn’t doing before?

Rough and SmoothWord
Smoothand Rough

Sorry one of the picture didn’t work

Hi, Yes the laser wearing out is the most obvious reason, but it’s just over a year old. I only get to use the laser on the weekends, so I’d be surprised if it’s over use. Thanks for the imput. Cheers

Even though you’ve had the machine for a short time, the tube has a finite life span. The tube’s life can be shortened by overdriving it - using higher power settings than the tube is intended for. It’s a wild guess, but if you use power settings of over, say 80% often, this could possibly shorten its life.


It’s a diode laser.

But even those don’t reach the 10k hours some companies claim.

OK, I think you’ve solved my problem. When getting used speed/power/passes ratio’s I would have used power of well over 80% for the majority of cuts, and in my frustration recently have kicked it up to 97.50%.
I assumed I wasn’t using the software correctly, but the answer was in front of me. Thank you all!!

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My diode wore out in 3 months. Check your focus and if your lens is dirty.

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