Default Cut Direction?

Update on the challenges with managing cut direction and shape cut start point with LB UI…

As it concerns this topic and those of us using LB for plasma process, sadly and with much trepidation I have made the leap to SheetCAM for toolpath gcode generation, plasma only. SC does just too good of a job with these two (and many more) aspects of the toolpath. And it adds to that the graphic layout including the kerf width making it easy to see areas of weak bridging between adjacent cut paths. SC’s toolpath feature and benefit list for plasma process goes on and on. It just became a cost/benefit decision for me, in terms of time, quality of cut, added features, but most of all - mental toll. I have been designing projects with well over 30 pierces and cuts, and the constant manual and tedious verification of each start point, lead-in placement, direction, etc. given LB’s UI on these features was getting too much for my brain to process. The design-to-cutting cycle time has dropped dramatically and I can focus on other important matters now, and the iteration loop between LB and SC is fast and smooth. Life is better :slight_smile: