Default Cut Direction?

Is there a saved setting or preference to specify a default cut direction, as in CW or CCW. ? The default direction appears to always be CW, can someone from LB confirm that ? I use the Shape Start Point tool very frequently to manage direction and start point. Tedious work :frowning: Just checking that I’m not missing something, perhaps even some hidden shift key combo when drawing a shape ? In the meantime, I’ve noticed that drawing a shape, then mirroring it, does effectively “change” the direction; so I’m trying to train myself to use that technique on symmetrical shapes.

ok, going into ‘think out loud’ mode :thinking:… Or if I exported to DXF or SVG, is there a ‘change all’ keyword I could modify external to LB, import and resume LB editing ? Ideally, inner shape levels being reverse direction from the parent outer shape, so the ability to set a default direction; and perhaps another setting to have inner shapes take the reverse direction of their parent.

Last thought… Is there a setting to adjust the size of the Shape Start Point arrow ? and Nodes for that matter ? Perhaps pixel units, or scaled with icon size setting ?; that would make manual adjustments much less tedious because in my case, most attempts to click on the arrow are misses :wink:

I think what’s happening is that cut direction is based on node order. But it just so happens that all shapes are drawn in CW node order.

I was nodding along with you about some of your frustrations. I don’t believe there’s a way to change the default draw direction.

In Inkscape you can do Path->Reverse and this will reverse the draw order. When imported back into LightBurn the effect will be to change cut direction. I suspect other drawing tools will have something similar.

It may be my imagination but I think increasing “Click-selection Tolerance” in Edit->Settings may increase the tolerance of the click selection. If it does it’s subtle so I may be wrong about this.

Thanks for the tip, that will help for sure in cases of large shape counts that need reversing.

Since rationalizing this in the post last eve I’ve come to realize that I can leverage the default directions as they are perhaps, although I can’t explain why that hasn’t occurred thus far. I never really studied the pattern until now I guess. Geometric shapes seem to be CW default, text and image traces seem to be CCW default on outer and alternating direction for progressive inner shapes; net: all that is good. So perhaps all I need to do is reverse/mirror inner geometric shapes making them CCW as well. Then I can adjust the plasma torch swirl ring to spew out the plasma jet to match the most compatible or dominant pattern in the design; but in theory it should be a perfect match since the design should be CW outer, CCW inner, and alternating from there on progressive inners. All this matters because the direction of the plasma jet swirl in conjunction with the cutting direction dictates the square edge being on the save part or the waste part, of course ideally its desired on the save part :slight_smile: Then there is welding and cutting of shapes, what direction pattern that produces is beyond my tolerance for testing right now. I think the bottom line is, I’d be most happy with a larger Shape Start Point arrow, since I expect to continue attempting to click on it quite a bit :wink:

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