Default Cut Settings Lightburn

I have a Fiber laser and I accident changed the default settings…Can someone give me what default was?
Looking for the cuts section on a unit. This is the settings when you first set up Lightburn

If you open the Cut Settings Editor, there is a button to reset the settings to “Default” But, they really don’t have anything that’s relevant to anything, especially a fiber laser.

There in lays the problem…I clicked the “Make Default for All” so all this does now is bring me back to the page I was currently at…

The defaults are really set to an arbitrary number. There is no “Default” that will work for all machines. Really takes testing to figure out what works for your machine, then store your settings in the Material Library.

Make Default for All will take the current setting on the screen you are on, and copy them to all of the layers as their new default. It’s all outlined in the docs: