Default device settings gets reverted each time i log in

Hi all,

everytime I open lightburn i have to configure the device settings each time, thats the “find my laser” settings that I am reffering to. Is there a way to make settings default so this doesn’t happen. I find that it also happens if a new user logs into my pc (so not my local account but another user has logged into their account on my pc).

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Why do you need to configure this each time? Are you saying you’re greeted with the Device setup screen on startup or is something else going on?

Perhaps I missed the reference. Did you make a note of this previously?

Not exactly sure what you mean here. Device profiles are persistent so you shouldn’t need to recreate a device at each start. If you’re looking for something else please clarify.

Can you explain what you mean by “also happens”? How are you differentiating these occurrences with what you’re describing earlier that happens at every restart of LightBurn?

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So I work in a school and we received the lightburn software using a rudia 644xs controller I believe. Everytime a new student/user logs onto the computer the devices menu/settings would pop up and the user would have to go through the option of “find my laser”, which would bring up the device discovery wizard and scan for the printer, allowing the user to add device and then setting it up accordingly.

Is there a way to avoid this, a way to allow the computer to save the device settings and therefore saving each students time in setting up the device settings each time lightburn opens.

Yes I am saying I am greeted with the device setup on startup each time a new user logs onto the computer and starts up lightburn. I think forget what I said earlier about it also happens with a new user logging in as this problem only happens with a new user logging onto the computer, For example I have logged onto the computer and have used lightburn and have been greeted by the device setup, after this first time it has never popped up again as it seems to save on my login. However if another user who has never used lightburn before logs onto the computer the device setup will pop up.

Okay. So if I’m understanding it correctly you’re saying that the first time each user starts LightBurn they need to setup the laser.

If that’s correct I believed that’s the nature of per user configuration as LightBurn prefs folder is stored in the user’s local AppData folder.

You could potentially make device setup easier by exporting an .lbdev file of the device that can then be imported by each student.

I’m not certain if Prefs file can be made common across all users on the computer. @Rick can you comment here?

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Hi, that’s exactly what I am saying thank you!!! I was doing some deep searching on this topic on the net and what it led me to is something similar as to what you’re suggesting. Which involves customising the prefs.ini file found in the user’s local AppData folder. However looking at the prefs.ini file there are lots of words/codes etc in it and I do not know what word/command I am looking for to edit for my device setup problem. The prefs file i can access because of administrative rights and i can just repeat the process on each computer as it is only 3 computers that I am using.


If you attempted this you would need to do this for 3 computers * number of accounts on the computer that need access.

If that’s tenable then doing an export of prefs and import for each user would work although the strategy I indicated for lbdev file would work just as readily in that case.

If it’s not tenable I think worthwhile to see if LightBurn folks know of a way to share preference information across users.

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It is possible to create a “defaultprefs.ini” in the executable folder of LightBurn to automatically load shared preferences.


@JTR got to it first and is spot on. Thanks Tyler! :slight_smile:

Hi there, what if i have 100s of students accessing these three computers, will this automatically work for each login of the student? As I am guessing the prefs folder will be saved each time on each account that logs onto the computer. Will this sharing of preference information be able to convey across all users?

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