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Why is it that when I chose my laser and set it as the default, the setting doesn’t stick.
I have to chose it and then set it as the default every time.

So That was my original post.
What is the resolution?
Just this morning I started up my laser / lightburn, opened up a file that I made multiple burns with yesterday, and when I click on the laser tab, it’s disconnected.

The default laser setting does not stick.

How many lasers do you have in your device list? If it’s only one, then it’s automatically the default. Is this still the X-Carve you’re working with?

Yes it is.
X carve with a JTech 7watt
Every time i click on it, I save it as the default.

So the laser itself is automatically the default, because you only have one. It sounds like what’s happening instead is that you have to choose the COM port you’re connected to. The XCarve is just a generic Arduino controller running GRBL, so we don’t make them automatically connect unless it’s the same COM port as you used last time. If you power the laser first, then run LightBurn, it should just work. Are you doing it in that order, or running LightBurn first?

I never have to choose a com port.
It just connects.
Yes, today I started lightburn first (I think)

You will if it ever changes which COM port the computer has assigned it. If it doesn’t connect right away, right-click the ‘Devices’ button and that resets the connection and tries again.

So, to recap, I should always start my laser first and then Lightburn.
Is that correct?

Or just right-click the Devices button if you do it the other way.

Thanks OZ…

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