Default layout not showing correctly

Hi, I downloaded Lightburn on a windows laptop and it operates superbly. I downloaded it on another windows computer and the Default Layout is not displaying correctly. The windows on the right displaying the cuts/layers, move, console etc are jumbled on top of each other and you can’t fully see the settings. I’ve tried Reset to Default and holding shift down while starting Lightburn as suggested. It still runs the laser but difficult to navigate with the windows jumbled.
Any ideas please? Thanks

What is the screen resolution set to on the second computer? A vertical resolution of 768 or less will be problematic.

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Thanks TomWS, The resolution is 1366 x 768 . I’ll try hooking it up to another monitor later today and see if that makes a difference. It’s an older laptop (running windows 10) and the laser is in my shed. I just thought of hooking it up to run the laser instead of carrying the newer laptop back and forth. I can just plug a USB in with the file I want to laser.
(The other laptop that it is fine on is 1920 x 1080).
Thanks for your feedback.

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