Defaultprefs.ini not loading for other users

Hi, I created a defaultprefs.ini file from the prefs.ini and copied it to C:\ProgramFiles\Lightburn. When I start the program it works fine. When I switch to a different user, the preferences aren’t loading for that user. My understanding is that if that file is in place, Lightburn should read it upon loading regardless of user.
What have I done wrong?
Thanks, Brian

I am pretty sure you have to have prefs.ini in each users folder like below.

That’s right, and thanks for the reply.
My understanding though is that defaultprefs.ini in the ProgramFiles\Lightburn folder overrides the user prefs.ini. This is what i’d like, to have every user that logs in take it’s preferences from the main program folder and not the user’s. This is a school with many users to login. The workspace should be ready to go once they login (many for first time) without having to setup device each time.

This is worth review,

Please update us, when you can, as to how you get on. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response Rick. As you mentioned, I’ve got a defaultprefs.ini file created in the executable folder. For some reason, when another user logs into the computer and starts Lightburn, the preference file doesn’t appear to have any effect as the program starts as if it’s first time without the preferences loaded. I created the defaultprefs.ini file by cpoying and renaming prefs.ini once configured. What do you think I may be doing wrong?

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