Defect new camera

Dear Support,

We have tried the camera but unfortunately without success. After some research we found out that 5V comes out of the white cable connector, but unfortunately we don’t measure any voltage behind the plug. So there is no voltage on the camera. The PC therefore does not see that a USB device is being connected. The plug connection is probably not good. How exactly do you deal with defective parts? I look forward to a solution.

You can verify my order: Order #26775

Eric Slotboom
Operational Director
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Ambachtsstraat 43, 7102 DW Winterswijk, The Netherlands

Hi Eric,

We’ve received your email and I’ve assigned it to our Customer Service department for a resolution.

In the meantime, I’d be curious to see what’s going on.

Some possibilities might be that the entire cable connector or the specific 5v pin from the wire is not being pushed in enough, or perhaps a bad solder joint on the pcb end of the connector.

If you can provide some very clear pictures of the various angles of the cable plug, connector on the cable, and how it looks when it is plugged in, I’ll be happy to have a look.

Hi Ray,

Hereby I send you a few pictures. I am sure the connector is plugged in well. Please study the pictures and when you need more please let me know.
Please note that we receive 5V at the end of the cable. After the conector we don’t messure 5V.

Regarding the pin with the red wire, I see a gap between the solder “wave” coming up from the pcb and the actual pin of the connector on the pcb.

If you have access to a soldering iron with a fine tip, perhaps you could try to touch up this contact?

Worth mentioning that PCB inspection over images is notoriously tricky and difficult unless the lighting and angles are just right, but I trust my gut and it would support the issue you have diagnosed :slight_smile:

I also see that our CS department has gotten back to you with a solution, so there is no harm in trying this out :slight_smile:

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