Define a forbidden zone

Is it possible to define a “forbidden zone”, I mean a zone in which the laser head would never be allowed to enter during its cutting job?

Not to my knowledge, but if you pre define your workspace, then you can, for example, exclude one half to the side or below.

Ruida controllers don’t like it when we try to send more than one non-cutting command in a row, so this is not possible.

You mean send several move commands without cutting?
Maybe then you can send cutting commands in between, with 0 power?

What I want to do is to “dodge” an obstacle in the workspace (I often put lead weights on my plywood or cardboard sheet to ensure it lies perfectly plane, but they are thicker than the distance to the laser head).

In theory, but Ruida controllers have a minimum PWM value that can be set in the firmware settings, and not everyone has that set to a value that doesn’t actually burn.

I might be able to insert a 1 microsecond pulse at very low power, which could work, but I’d have to play with it to make sure it was possible.

OK, thanks. Maybe this can be added in a future version of the software.

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