Defining a specific angle

Very new to designing in LB or any other program for that matter.

Is it possible to define a specific angle of a straight line “rising” from horisontal?

Help is much apreciated - Thank You

Yes- if you draw a horizontal line, there is a tool in the toolbar that has the angle.
This is where it is:

Highlighted in red. If you select the center in the 9 dots to the left, that indicates that the object will rotate from the center.

Hi Patrick
Thank You so much… been looking at that tool several times, but as it says “mm/inch” it didn’t even occur to me, that it maybe (also?) could define angles…

Thanks again for Your quick response.

Having now drawn my line, it crosses a curbed line. At that junction I will like to break the curbe in order to straighten out the one half…
I have tried to insert a nodepoint, but I can’t seem to make it work…

What to do?

See if this helps, just a few steps, if I understand your question.

Check out these tutorials under Lightburn Help>Video Tutorials. Practice with the node editing tools.

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Thank you Patricr. Your answers were excactly what I needed.

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