Defocus laser in Lightburn(Need Help)


I’ve been watching some video tutorials on engraving acrylic and how to get the frost white color look on the acrylic. They mentioned that you may have to defocus the laser?.Can someone swing me in the right direction in the software where I can defocus the laser to get that white front look on acrylic? Or… Is it just a basic setting in the fill or image? Please be gentle I’m still new to all of this. :grin:

defocusing your laser if you don’t have an auto-focus system means to lower the bed out of the usual focus level. It’s the kind of thing that requires testing and experimenting.

Place a scrap on your table, focus by the normal method, then lower the bed using a measured spacer. It can be as simple as another piece of scrap with the focus tool atop. Fire off a test pattern and determine your satisfaction with the results.

Raise or lower the bed by using a thinner spacer or more spacers and repeat to find the best results for your purposes.

This method also works well for single line fonts to get emphasized text without using scan/fill mode.

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