Delete Duplicates

What does Delete Duplicates do? Apparently, I have LOTS of duplicates here, but doesn’t seem to do anything or speed anything up? I draw in Draftsight (dwg), convert to dxf, then import to Lightburn. Been working fine, but my newest drawing is quite large and I decided to try Delete Duplicates and just wondering what it does.

Thank you.


It deletes identical copies of things that are perfectly (or very close to perfectly) on top of each other.

Often when importing from AI files, if the source had both a stroke and a fill applied, you get two instances of the same shape. This also happens when exporting 2D profiles from CAD packages, as you often end up with a front outline and a rear.

Delete Duplicates will deal with both.

If that’s your typical file, you’re going to like the next release - much faster inner/outer sorting when planning cuts.

Hi Oz.

Thank you. Most of what you said was over my head. But as you can see in my Print Screen, I had thousands of duplicates. The CAD drawing was created by myself in Draftsight as I wrote (identical to AutoCAD as far as I can tell). I clicked to delete duplicates when the box opened, but as I said, I don’t seem to notice any changes - the cut time is the same before and after I did that.

And yes, viewing the cut plan preview takes a long time to open for this particular drawing.


You are using the ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ button, so it’s quite likely that the duplicates weren’t part of your selection.

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