Deleting a layer


Im Using the software in trail mode now and so far very pleased with the ease of use and all the functions.

Only 1 thing i noticed and it could be i’m doing something wrong, so here is the question.
If you import a vector file (.ai) and it has 3 layers for example. If i select one of these layers with Shift+click and what to delete the layer by hitting the delete of backspace key, nothing happens… i have to click the trashbin icon and after that also selec ‘yes’ to delete the layer… This makes the workflow a bit longer and less easy… Am i doing something wrong? I’m on MacOS by the way


hmm, you should be able to select any item and just hit the delete button and it gets immediately deleted. Im not sure with MAC tho. if you select everything and then hit delete, does it do the same thing?

If i select everything and hit delete most of the time it works, but sometimes i have to un-select en re-select everything and then the second time selecting the delete button does what it has to do…

You can’t technically delete a layer, because they don’t exist on their own - they’re attached to shapes, so to delete a layer you delete all the shapes it’s assigned to, OR assign those shapes a different layer.

You can select all the contents of a layer by holding Shift and clicking the layer. If you then Shift+Click into the edit window (to give it the keyboard focus) you can hit Delete and it will delete all those shapes and take the layer with it.

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i understand that…

but still, selecting a layer to delete al the shapes, i have to shift click on the layer (color) on the right side in the layer window. And after that, hitting the delete button does nothing. the only way to delete all the shapes in that layer is clicking the trashbin and after that the “yes” button on the popup window. Its not a very effective workflow…

It’s honestly not something I see people doing often, and the “Yes” confirmation is to prevent people from doing it accidentally, though I suppose the Undo is easy enough to use to recover it. We often use Shift + an action to force confirmation in advance (in the library window, for example, holding Shift bypasses the confirmation dialog). I’ll add this to the layer delete too.

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