Deleting Loaded Library

Hey All, so I decided to move from RD works to Lightburn to control my laser. It is a much better operating system by far. However silly me loaded the Elksmarker Library thinking I could just adjust it to suit my 100w machine, thats not the case. Is there a way to delete this library so I can just build my own custom one? I know i can add my own in but I would like to get rid of the ones that are very very wrong for my machine just to keep it clean and tidy.

Cheers All

Search for .clb file and delete. The name of the file is shown at the top of that tab/window. You can start a new Library at any time by selecting the ‘New’ button.

The library is just a file on disk. You can delete that file if you don’t need it any more, or keep it if you still have the machine and load it if you use it again.

Thanks guys, that was super easy.

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