Deleting presets from a .lbrn2 file

Hi together,

I want to delet the presets of a .lbrn2 file how does that work?

Because when i change the laser setting “How many passes” from 4 to 2 and than cut the file it still passes 4 times over it like it saved the previous settings?

So i hope you can see in the picture number of pass throughs is set to 2. But it always passes thru 4 times. How can i reset that setting? I believe in my old .lbrn2 file it was set to 4 pass throughs but it would like to delet that and only do 2 pass throughs…

I had a similar circumstance yesterday. Passes set to one, yet the laser did its thing twice. There was an accidental duplication which caused a second path to be created atop the original. Have you checked for that?

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