"Demo" or unlicensed use?

We are considering buying Lightburn for a laser at a shared MakerSpace with many users. Most users do much of their design work at home before coming to the lab to cut.

We’ll obviously buy a license for our lab. But what options are available to people at home? I know they can use a 30-day free trial - but beyond the trial period - is there any functionality they can use at-home [unlicensed]? Specifically, I’m hoping they’d be able to do work in Lightburn, and save it to a “Lightburn” file. i.e. No ability to cut or export on an unlicensed copy, but the ability to bring their saved file into the lab to actually cut on the computer with the license.

Is this possible?

Thank you for supporting LightBurn and yes, we do offer licensing options for this MakerSpace / HackerSpace scenario.

LightBurn provides per-seat pricing deals for maker spaces @ 75% off the standard price. That’s currently $20 for the DSP version, and $10 for the GCode version, and we’ll extend this price to anyone who’s a member of your MakerSpace, so they can have their own copy on their computer, to use with job prep and setup in a convenient way for them to not unduly consume the spaces shared resources.

Send an Email to: support at lightburnsoftware dot com and reference this post. We can help get you sorted there.

Great - thank you!!

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