Design issue when sent to machine

when I send a design to my OMTech 100 watt C02 from light burn when I bring it up on the machine a solid color is what I get instead of the design that I just sent. I’m wondering what might be causing this issue.I would appreciate any idea’s you might have Thanks Gene

Gene, Is this a new behaviour with your machine? I’m a relative newbie to these machines but I have an OMTech 60W machine (different Ruida compatible controller) and I’ve noticed that when running a design on the laser via Lightburn I don’t see the design in the display. I do see it in the display when I send the design over to the laser as a named file and open it on the machine.

I noticed that this message is posted in the Marlin section. Perhaps moving it to the Ruida section might get more comments from the Ruida experts. Hopefully someone there can advise.


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