Design Jumbled When Transferred to Computer with Laser


So we have a laser at our local Maker Space with Lightburn software. I recently downloaded the trial version and created a design at home before I got to the Maker Space. This saves me a lot of time when I get there. The file format was the default file (.lbm). When I opened the file on the computer that controls the laser at the Maker Space, my design was all jumbled up and the fonts for text were all different.

Do you have any idea what this could be?


Should I try saving as a different file?


This question was sent to us via email and here is how we responded:

It is important to understand that LightBurn supports many different types of laser systems/controllers and the file generated includes information specific to that system/controller and profile. If you generate a file without a LightBurn Device Profile defined or, you try to run a file generated from one profile type and try to use it with another profile, things are not going to be the same and cause what you are seeing.

To set yourself up to generate files on one computer system and to have them work as expected on a second computer, there are two key issues you will need to address. First, you will want to use the same Device Profile on each system. So if you set up for say a Ruida controller profile to support the connected laser at the MakerSpace, you will need to set up your home system with the same profile and choose that to generate files intended to run at the Space.

The second, you will need to either have the exact fonts installed on both systems or convert your text to paths, prior to saving and bringing the file in, ensuring access to the font and/or have the shape look as desired.

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Thanks Rick,

I cannot find the Device Profile settings. Could you please point me in the right direction when you get a chance.

The fonts that I used were in the dropdown menu that came with the standard download. Does the newest version of the software have more Font options?

Followed by this response:

I can’t seem to edit the device profile unless I am actually connected to the laser? some more information on setting up device profile that mimics the laser would be cool. It is a Ruida controller by the way.

LightBurn does not require you to be connected to anything to be configured and used to create files. If you click the ‘Devices’ button at the bottom-left of the ‘Laser’ window, you will be presented with a list of current profiles you have defined.


If you double-click on one or select the ‘Edit’ button, you will be presented with a series of screens (same ones presented with initial profile setup) for the profile definition. You can edit those current settings, walking through each page then advancing to the next until all edits have been completed.

Is this not working for you?

LightBurn uses the fonts you have installed on the system. LightBurn does not provide any fonts. Any fonts you see presented in the LightBurn UI (user interface) are the ones that have been previously installed on the computer and accessible to all your applications like your word processing or slide presentation making applications.

This is why I identify that it is the responsibility of the user to ensure all assets required for a given project, in this case “a font”, are available on different computers to produce the same results. Or to convert these text elements into paths, thus not requiring the font as the text is no longer technically considered text. Once converted, each letter is made from a series of connected segments, that form the shape of the letter and is no longer editable as text.

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