Design-only version of LightBurn?

Last year it was mentioned in the forum that LightBurn was considering releasing a a design-only version of LightBurn which will not communicate with a laser, but would let you load / import / save LightBurn files. This would allow elimination of discount codes and enforce the intention of the discounted version.

Is this still planned or released yet?

Discount version??? Lightburn only has one version. Trial and Activated are the same program with all features enabled. If not Activated, the program is only enabled for 30 days, allowing plenty of time to determine if you like it, it works with your laser, you can see if you can bake a cake with it, etc.

Your purchase price comes with two seats… if you ask them nicely they will usually expand it to three computers…

Do you need more than that?

@MikeyH is correct… no discount codes or special software…


I wonder if the sketchy sites “selling” cracked versions give discounts as an inducement to download their malware?

LightBurn does not provide direct discounts.

Yes, it is in our discussion plans. Nothing official or targets have been announced at this time. :slight_smile:

Curious on how the business model of this would work?

Maybe if you know or can tell us… seems kind of elusive…

It would be great for places that teach/educate…


Like no ability to connect to a laser or output Gcode programs?

We are considering based on feedback we have received. We have not finalized this, so much of what is being asked has not been resolved if we proceed at all. We want to, but this has not been our current highest priority.

Opinion of one: Without Gcode and communications, LB will be competing with 3-axis designers, many of which are free. DXF and SVG output will only be a minor inconvience to laser users. I wonder how many lasers are sold and operated without using Lightburn. Schools and makerspaces can buy a copy and train from that. LB would be moving away from the core purpose of the product, being design and operational software for lasers. Effort and resources will be pulled away from the maintenance and support of the current product.

If you are designing to use this with Lightburn, then you can design and save it as a project file maintaining all the parameters…

There would be no reason to export it in a different format and lose all the settings/layers.

There is a rumor that they are working on a 3d version…


Thank you for offering this, Mikey. Difficult to respond, as we are in the midst of having “discussion plans” conversations. Nothing in this regard has become definitive at this point.

We are not moving or pulling away, we are discussing ways we can provide additional options for those that have specific needs, not currently available. If we advance with these ideas, they will be in addition to our correct product offerings.

While we have not officially announced publicly, Jack is correct… :wink: We are. (uhum, cough…, cam/cnc router software is an interesting domain extension.)

Now there is something I can get behind. That will move you from First Place to way out in front of first place. :grin:

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