Desire to not fill an object in a fill zone

I am trying to engrave an un-filled star onto a filled background. Both background and star are being filled.

Put both patterns on the same layer, so the innermost shape will be removed from the outermost shape’s fill.

In order for that to work, however, the inner shape must be closed. If it’s not closed, then it has no “inside” to remove and will get filled.

A quick test: Edit → Select Open Shapes should not select the inner shape. If it does, then Edit → Close selected paths may be your friend.

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Select all shapes and put them all at the same layer, then in the cut/layers window select mode “Offset Fill”.

If this not solve your problem please be more specific, and maybe with some pictures.

Thanks Ed,
I appreciate your help.

Bill Cornelius

Thanks Kuth,
I appreciate your help.

Bill Cornelius

Hello Ed,
Today, I came up with another glitch that you can probably help me with. I have been using the same memory chip, and it has been working fine. A few minutes ago, I created another file and went to the laser with the chip and it did not show the file on the “cut” list like all the other old ones I had been using.
I went back to the computer with the chip and looked–the file was listed right along with the others. I re-saved it two more times and tried it each time and the same thing happened.
Why would it not show up on the laser screen to be cut?

Some mysteries man was not meant to know!

It may be a glitch in how the laser controller handles filenames on FAT16 / FAT32 formatted devices. Using 8.3 filenames (like THISDAWG.NGC) may work more consistently than using LFN filenames (like This really great dog coaster.ngc).

A gotcha may happen when you inadvertently use a name that looks like 8.3, but is really LFN: FINEDAWG.NGC works and FineHorse.ngc doesn’t.

I don’t know that’s what’s going wrong, but it’s easy to check and may be easy to correct.

More than you probably want to know about filenames:

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