Desperate for help

Hi guys,

As the title states, I am absolutely desperate for help and any would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve been having issues with my laser for a while and been trying to learn/research as much as possible to be able to rectify the problems myself but I’m at my wits end now as I use the laser to earn a living and not just a hobby.

The problems I’ve been having is that the laser can’t seem to cope with any circles or anything with a curved edge. The pics I’ve attached and although over exaggerated shows the problem I’m having. Pic 1 shows the shape on any rounded corners, it leaves notches as if the laser goes in on itself while performing a rounded edge and pic 2 shows the shape on any circles I try to cut. The smaller the circle the worse it is. In the 3rd pic I’ve drawn arrows indicating where the notches are and seems to be in the same three corners regardless of whether I cut the shape ‘landscape’ or turn it 90 degrees. If I select Hide Backlash the notches appear on the opposite sides of where they are without it selected. The same path is followed if I perform more than one pass also.

I’ve created this post not only because I’m desperate but also because I’ve been told that there maybe a problem with the shapes I’ve created within lightburn but I can’t see why a simple circle would cause this issue. I’ve not traced an image or shape but simply created it with the lightburn tools.

Things I’ve tried so far

Checked mirrors for any play
Mirror alignment
Tightened belts
Loosened belts
Cleaned and oiled rails
Selected hide backlash
Axis collaboration

I just don’t know what else to do other than contact omtech as Its still under warrenty for another 6 months.

So in pic 3 there is no arrow at the bottom left which implies the issue is only apparent on the other three sides? Have you tried changing the cut direction in Lightburn so that the laser cuts the part in reverse direction to see if the issue swaps sides on the part your are cutting. This might help establish if the problem is mechanical…eg. loose pulley, bad/sticking bearing.

Left hand tool bar…the tool above Radius tool.

What does an engraved square with 200x200mm measure, have you checked it?

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