Determining what version LB I have

Been having problems getting my laser and computer to play together. I have read a lot of the forum topics and before I complain, I would like to confirm that I purchased the correct version of LB. I have a Ruida controller on a 50w machine so I think I need the DSP version. How can I confirm which version I have?

If you go to Help->License Management it will list the devices for which you’re licensed.

However, if you are able to configure a Ruida device that means you’re likely on the correct license.

I cannot configure nor will it recognize the laser. Tried various settings also.

Did you confirm the license in Help->License Management?

Some additional questions:

  1. How are you connecting your computer to the controller?
  2. Did you install the FTDI driver from LightBurn or elsewhere if on USB?
  3. What’s the history of this laser? Is it known working or new?
  4. What OS are you running LightBurn on?

In reply……
Under license management it says codes are GCode and dsp

Trying to connect laptop via usb (10’) to laser port (tried Ethernet but that didn’t work either. That’s another topic).

Don’t remember if I installed the drivers during install

Laser is two years old bought new by me. Been using thumb drive to transfer files till now.

LB is the latest update running on windows 10.

Check Device Manager with the laser turned on and plugged in. Do you see a port created for the laser or possibly an unknown device?

If you see an unknown device then reinstall LightBurn and select the FTDI driver installation at the end of the installation process.

It’s unlikely both connections are bad so let’s assume that’s not the problem for the moment and focus on USB.

I have license on two computers. What is the correct way to deactivate the one on my laptop?

This can be done from the same License Management screen.

That screen say’s Deactivate license! I don’t want to cancel my license. Will it only uninstall that computer?

It deactivates the license on that computer.

That did not uninstall LB so I could reinstall. When reactivating it jumped straight to open LB.

No uninstall is required to re-run the installation process. You should find the FTDI driver on the last page, click that check-box and continue to completion.

Deactivated, uninstalled and reactivated with drivers. Will try it this pm.

Yes, I did have to uninstall in order to get the install and driver selections again.

I must have not installed the drivers when I added the new computer. Thanks for your help.

Does that mean it’s now working?

Absolutely. Now to try the Ethernet! Thanks again!

The Ruida is a static device, so you need to put it on a network that you can tell the dhcp server that the Ruida is static.

It’s easy to do, I have a linksys and I can pull up the lan map and right click on that device. I can then set it to always use that specific address. It will bind the mac address to the ip address.

Ethernet works better, more stable and doesn’t require any other drivers since you are on the local lan…


All that network stuff is above me. What do I need to procure and steps to prepare?

I have a windows 10 setup.