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I have a copy of the Lightburn Software on a computer in Florida. I want to spend the winter developing projects which I will then take north and cut on my Boss laser machine this summer in Pa. When I load the Lightburn Program it requests that I configure a device. Because I have no device attached I just cancel and move on. It then allows me to design projects but when I go to the television screen to review my project it tells me this function is not available unless I have configured a device. Is there a solution so that I can merely use Lightburn for development but not for output? Thank you.

Yeah, configure a device.


LightBurn requires you to create the appropriate ‘Devices’ profile. The UI and many other options change based on the target laser defined in the profile.

I would also suggest you ensure you have the same fonts on both systems or convert your text to paths to guarantee the desired visual results.

There are a number of settings that are stored with each device. Certain options are displayed only for certain hardware, based on the functionality of that hardware - for example, Trocen controllers support PPI, but Ruida controllers do not. TopWisdom controllers have additional air assist options not available for the other two.

There are a number of other values that are stored with each device, including some of the simulation parameters for the preview (which is why you can’t use it until you create a device). Someone with an 8-bit GCode controller and a Ruida DSP would not want the preview using the same motion parameter settings for estimating job time - they’re totally different beasts.

Short answer - There’s a reason it won’t stop nagging you to do this.

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