Device Cutting Area Issue

Hi all. I have a K40 laser. Initially all went well when I added the device, Lightburn found the device and set the cutting area correctly.
I have just made a new controls layout for the switches etc.
When I turned on the machine and Lightburn, the gantry went too far to the top and left, and was grinding a bit.
I went to cut the piece. I got a message that some of the cut area would be ‘out of bounds’. I proceeded, and it cut fine!!
I notice that when the laser is positioned via the Lightburn option to set laser position on the page, that the laser goes to the right and up from the shown position on screen.
Lightburn was perfectly working previously.
I have added LED lights and an external computer fan. All additional components are running off a powerboard, wired directly to the 240v input (Just in case that might cause a thought/comment/issue etc.).
The cut area does not seem to correspond to the actual area now.
Any ideas please?

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Did you just install a C3D Board, or did you already have that and used it successfully and are just now trying out LightBurn?

Hi there. Thanks for replying.
I installed it recently, but it set up and worked perfectly until this week. I think I might have had it for 2 weeks previously.
I realised one point might be that I did the design on an iMac, which has not been hooked up to the laser, and saved the file onto a laptop which HAS been hooked up and is what I use for them cutting.
I bought LightBurn,
When I use ‘frame’, it goes way off to the top right, not where the drawing is.
When I go to ‘Run’ - it tells me that the job is out of area.
When I run the job anyway, it cut where it ought to be!???
I am confused.
I think I will take the iMac out to the garage and hook it up so that LightBurn can adjust for the actual machine, and see if that helps.
If not, I will take a video and send to LightBurn and here for help.
I ought to be sponsored by LightBurn and Cohesion3D - I promote it every chance I get on the K40 forum!!! This has dampened my enthusiasm at the moment though.

Sorry, I should have started with - I bought the C3D board and LightBurn together recently.

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