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Hi, I am trying to find a suitable device for my laser off the manual list but each one I choose one it says I need drivers? I am not sure where to find the drivers or how to install them can any one help… thanks in advance

What is the stock software supplied with your laser? If it’s LaserCut, that would be a Leetro controller, and wouldn’t be supported by LightBurn. If it came with RDWorks, that would be a Ruida, and would be supported.

When you select one, where does it say you need drivers? Can you show a screen shot?

Hi Oz
Thanks for reply
It was second hand and the guy got the laserccut software running and left but I needed it to run from my mac or a pc that I have. My laser is a
I have the install files but no idea what i’m looking for, I’m use to programmes self loading etc
How do I take a grab off a pc

Lasercut is used on Leetro controllers, and I have the same machine (about 5 years old) and it came with the Leetro controller, I do not think Lightburn support these controllers.

Edit: sorry Oz I didn’t see your response!

You should also have a softdog dongle which is needed to install Lasercad which only works on a PC (not mac’s) You need to install the dongle driver first followed by Lasercad. It’s been a long time since I installed Lasercad as I upgraded my controller but if you struggle and need a better explination let me know and I will see if I can dig out the instructions I got.

OK Thank you

sorry again, the software for Leetro is LaserCUT, this link may help.

Hi Sonnyh
Thanks for the link but Im on a mac. I currently export a dxf file and import into laser cut on my pc but that comes with some problems. Reading the replies it may be not an option to run the laser from my mac but I have no problem exporting / importing files if I can sort some other issues

Do you know how do I can create a box/circle etc and change the thickness of the line either in mm or point size?

Many Thanks

Hi Martin,

I am assuming you use Lightburn on your Mac as I don’t actually use Lightburn I can’t give you an example but if your wanting to engrave a square/circle similar to this

you will need to create a design something like this in Lightburn

Make sure they are both on the same layer and set to fill (I think) there may be a way in Lightburn to offset the square/circle by the desired amount, should be documented if so or maybe a Lightburn user could advise.

Hope this helps, If I missed the point let me know I will try again.

Hi, just place your square/circle on the work surface and ‘select’ it then use the ‘offset shapes’ feature on the left of the screen.
If you want it ‘filled’ just change it in ‘cut/layers’ to fill and use ‘preview’ to check…

P.s select all and ‘group selection’, it’s at the top of the screen… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Chris, I spent hours trying different ways but with no luck. This works great!! Thanks so much

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