DeWalt 611 magnetic mount

I have the XCarve magnetic mount. The screw holes on the plastic all broke so I need to replace it… I noticed the dewalt 611 mount and was considering that. Does anyone have any experience with the DeWault mount? If so, would you recommend it. If you wouldn’t recommend it, why?

A DeWalt mounted onto what??
I have an X-Carve 750 and my DeWalt is not held on with magnets.

I use it on my xcarve 1000 and works great for me. Easy on easy off. But it probably only fit a Jtech laser.

I also have an XCarve 1000. Mine is with a JTech 7.4. Thank you

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I made a mount for my laser so when i take it off the magnetic mount on the router i do not have to unplug it each time. Mounts up at the top of the z axes . I felt like if you have to unplug and plug it in all the time those little conectors would soon fail.

Solder/wire the magnets into the power line.

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