Did I discover an undocumented mouse hotkey feature?

I found this purely by chance. I was moving an object by selecting & holding the left mouse button and accidently double clicked the right button. When I released the button it didn’t release the object.
I managed to get it to release the object by clicking the left mouse button. I searched the online manual for mouse use and hotkeys and I couldn’t find any mention of this. (I’m guessing it is documented and I haven’t been looking in the right place.)
It’s not really that useful if you’re using a mouse but would be a real benefit to anyone who uses a trackpad on a laptop.
I don’t know if it works on a Mac, I found it using a windows 10 PC. I’ll have a try on my macbook tomorrow.

That seems to be a bug, possibly in the framework we use for the UI system. Looking into it.

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