Did I get the right camera

Hi Guys Just setting up my camera I did the calibration and alignment tested works great overlayed a wooden spoon engraved the handle was just fine. But I try to capture a picture so that I can engrave it but I cant seem to focas the camera good enough so I’m thinking my choice was wrong. Please advise.
I got your 5mp 60 camera the mounting hight is 26" and it appears not to focas this distance. Area wise it seems to be sufficiant as cutting bed is 500 x 300. I am open to any suggestions.

Can you send an image of the camera lens please.

I ask because some cameras have the lens on a very fine thread and focus can be done using the thread. (The thread is sometimes fixed by a dot of like thread lock / glue, which can be removed )

Other cameras do not work in this way

Yes the manual focus is on a thread I have tried adjusting just very small incraments at a time. As it is starting to focus it then goes back out of focus. It is as if the camera does not focus to infinity and has a maximum distance which I feel i am beyond. If i bring objects closer to the camera they become in focus.

this is the best i can get with the 60 mp5 camera. thats a 150mm ruler at the top. this photo from phoe so you can see what I am looking at.

Have you connected the camera through an extension cable, or just the cable it came with?

It is connected with a extension cable. I have just set up lightburn on my laptop and tried it with just the camera cable and it is no different.

This is how it shows the alignment image in the video tutorial.

This is how mine looks so I canot get acurate alignment.

I just hung my logitec c525 on the open lid and thsi give me a much clearer image it is more fish eye all i have done is gone to the alignment and captured the image as you can see this is much better than the light burn camera but still nor as good as your image in video.

Hi again, I have ordered but do not yet have a camera for my setup, but, I believe that in the camera settings, whenyou start the calibration, there is information about the selected camera, in this case most interesting is the resolution 1080 px X ??? px can you take a look and see if you can find that.

If not, then depending on how well you know the supplier of your camera, I might start to suspect that its not a 5 megapixel camera but something much less.

The 525 according to the internet is 1280 X 720 which explains its OK , but not great image.
Thats why the camera which are 5 megapixel or even 4K are much much better as the density of pixels per cm2 of the bed is greater so when you zoom in there are more than enough pixels in the area of interest to allow you to be precise.

In your camera and in the 525 one pixel ( one square on the image) covers too much realestate to allow you to be accurate.

Let me know please

yes i agree the realy poor image is from the lightburn 60 degree 5mp camera i was using the logitec just to see the diference as there set up video is so clear assuming using there own cameras I dont understand why mine is so poor and as you can see by the image from the logitec it is far better but still not like there video.

So Is that the LightBurn camera ?
If so when did you get it ?
Email support@lightburn.com
I’m sure they will do something, it it’s from a batch, maybe the whole batch are in that condition. I’d like to think it’s a settings issue :wink:

Is there any documentation with the camera, some type of resolution selection ?

Yes purchased from lightburn end of January begining of feb but had issues with incorrectly wired laser taking some time to figure out so only just installing now.

Ah perfect, then I’m sure if you write directly to them they will be able to advise and raise a ticket. The support email should work I believe

Good luck


Any luck ?

I have the same problem. same crappy image.

Guys have you written directly to support :sunglasses:

What does the camera preview image look like?

Go to Tools > Calibrate camera lens, choose the camera, click next, then click ‘Capture’ and tell me what numbers it reports for the image size.

Replying to another user that you have a crappy camera image is unfortunately not the same as emailing us directly with your issue. We’re happy to try to help you, but don’t always see every thread here in the forum. Are you using an extension cable for the camera, or is it connected directly to the PC with the provided cable?

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I was using a usb cable and after looking the resolution was 320x320 I installed light burn on my laptop and run the camera with out lead image now 2593x2592. I purchased an active 5m usb extension cable now all is ok. Also noticed it see’s it as a lightburn camera now.
Thanks for the support and I hope this helps others. Now I just have to resolve the movement in the lid.

Wahooo :sunglasses::birthday::tada:

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