Did I just do a first? (3D burn with 1.6W. power)

After a total of 17 years of age I finally ordered two new memory sticks for the ole beast. My beast had one memory stick in it, (8 gig - LOL) so I bought 2 new sticks, (same kind), now my baby has a massive
16 gig, (LOL). Made a world of difference. Anyway, I made two burns at the same time last night. I call these two baby brother and big brother.

I opened two L.B. windows, big brother laser, (OLM-15w. - aka-4.5w.) and little brother OLM-7w, (aka 1.6w).
These are 3d burns. I burned the big board with the Big brother and I burned the little board with my
little brother.
Little board = OLM-7, aka1.6w., at 100% power and speed was 100mm/m. Burn time was 6 hrs.
Big board = OLM-15, aka4.5w. at 100% power and speed was 950mm/m. Burn time was 4 hrs. and a few minutes. I forgot total time on little board. Now my “question” is, has anyone on here burned a 3d burn with 1.6W. power or do I get to claim first rights ???
PS. - I’m getting ready to hook another laser to the beast to if she can run 3 laser at the same. Last night I was running two laser and surfing the net, even bought more stuff I don’t need off “Amajam”. The beast never locked up, not even once. So tonight I’m hooking laser #3 to the beast and going for the gold!!!

Nice work, hope it all went well…
I don’t get much time on here anymore, just running through what I’ve been missing.