Did someting wrong- need help

Been a while since I last posted , cut to the chase , i broke it .
generic blue and white 18x12 50 W laser with an rduia 6445G controler JMC 2m542 motor drivers set at 2000 spi. 24 teeth on the belt pullys “best i recall” 10 teeth move 1 inch .
1st issue- machine doesnt know where it is on boot- head bangs to upper left.
2nd issue - when i quit -escape on boot up of the controller says its at 1000 x 1000mm ( machine is 450x300mm) and that is set in the config -“work area” ,when i go to LB and “get postion” - it says 393 x393
THE BIG QUESTION … how do i calibrate the " step length- UM " ( in LB) - in the MOVE diag box i have the distance set at .500 ( 1/2 inch) - or is that meaning .5 MM -
in LB when i jog any axis it moves apx 3.5 ( inch) on a “push” …when i go to controler and “jog” from panel it moves 15 mm from “point” when i push button “back” the head does not go back to “point”
I know I have multiple issues that are related in the set up . the math escapes me. I humbly accept any help TYIA …

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