Diference beetween Lightburn DSP and Lightburn Gcode

Hello, i have installed your trial version and i’m loving it.
I’m thinking to buy it, but i could not figure out the diferences between version Lightburn DSP and Lightburn Gcode.
Does the DSP run “in live” and the other only gnerate gcode?
Please, can you explain me the diferences?
By the way I’m using GRBL firmware 1.1f
Sorry my bad english, it is not my native language.
Thanks in advanced

If you’re using grbl, you’ll need the gcode edition. Dsp describes the interface type - ruida controllers are dsp controllers.

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The difference between the two versions is the controllers that they can communicate with.

The gcode version will control any controller which uses gcode instructions (Cohesion3D, grbl, marlin, etc.).

The DSP version will can communicate with the gcode controllers and DSP based controllers(Ruida, trocen, some boss lasers).

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@Chris and @GerryG

thanks for reply, so in my case Lightburn Gcode is what i need :wink: