Difference between DSP and G-Code version?

I checked for the licence of Lightburn but I don’t really understand what is the difference between DSP and G-Code generator version.

I assume that one is for hobbyist (G-Code version) and one is for professional (DSP version)?

I’m using K40 with Arduino UNO controller with GRBL. for hobby.

Have I to use DSP or G-Code version? (I tink that it’s G-Code version)

But I would like to know is both have same functions or are they different? (I’d like to have same software as the software as the trial version).

Thank you for your help.

The functionality of the two versions only differ as required by the different controllers supported. GCode is for DIY / open source systems like GRBL and Smoothieware. DSP is for industrial controllers like Ruida and Trocen.

For your setup you would use the GCode version.