Different font size in same line of text


I m trying to find way to change the font size in for just 1 word in a line of text, but cannot seem to be able to select the word to change the font setting.

Is this possible?


Not currently. You would need to break the text into different segments, each with its own size and settings. At present, all text in a single text object is the same and the selection of individual characters for adjustment is not yet available.

Thanks for the response.

Hopefully this will be added as a feature soon!!


I can offer you better than just hope. LightBurn provides a way for our user community to ask for new features to be added to LightBurn. If you browse the history of these posts, you will see that we listen, implement and provide the things wanted most by votes.

Put your request there, let folks know you have done so and we will monitor the interest and notify you when the status of this request changes.

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