Different Layers hitting different Areas

I’m having an issue with a new Chinese red and black running a Ruida controller.

The machine appears to lose its place as the cutting is happening. The first layer (cuts) goes through fine, but when It switches over to coke lines that aren’t cuts and are in a different layer it starts missing. In the picture above the engraved line should be inside the cut line but it’s off by several MMs. I have checked all the hardware, and everything appears correct. I was advised to try the PWM setting however this has not fixed the issue either.

I’m hoping it’s a setting I can toggle somewhere that may help. Any thoughts

Hello Adam

Would you be willing to share .lbrn2 file here?



I can, it does it with everything. This is just the one I have shown.

Perfect :+1:

Best to eliminate possible set up issues prior to mechanical trial and error. Also a screen shot of your x,y machine settings. You may just have an acceleration issue which is causing you to lose a step or two.

Edit - Machine settings - (cutting settings as well as X,y)



Fixed the issue today. I had checked all the grommets etc holding in the cogs but there was a weird nut that held pressure on a rail that had come lose