Different outputs when using offset fill bs fill

Hi all, I’ve not posted here before so play nice please!!

I’ve just started trying to use my K40 for engraving paint off acrylic.
I’m building a flight sim cockpit!

Can any diagnose the attached? Left side is offset fill and the right is exactly the same except fill only. It consistently creates the double image.

For reference:
Trocen AWC7813
12.5% power
Single pass
0.1mm interval

Thanks in advance

Dave the noob


If you run first the fill and then the offset-fil did you get the same output?

Does this still happen to the fill mode one if you turn Bi-directional Fill off in your layer settings?

If not, then this is likely to do with your scanning offsets either not being set, or being set much too high/low.

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Thanks, I’ll have a dig and see what those settings are. I appreciate the guidance very much!


Any time! Have a lovely day/night! We’re always here if you need us. :slight_smile: