Difficult cutting on various fine materials

Hello everyone,

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
I have been setting my Ortur laser master 2 20w since December 2020. I did a lot of research before I bought it and I was seduced by the large engraving surface.

I quickly switched from LaserGRBL to LightBurn because the programme seemed more complete and less archaic.

After ordering various fine materials, I realised that the laser cuts very, very difficult. And its engraving is not very deep. And I added an air assist with a small compressor.

I tried linden wood in 1 and 2mm
Balsa wood in 2.7mm
Acrylic and perspex ( 2 to 3mm)

I managed to cut a complex shape out of yellow acrylic.
As well as in 2mm linden wood
But my settings are nothing like what I saw on the forum or on Youtube.

Here’s an example:
Yellow acrylic 3mm
Speed: 300
Power: 100%.
Laser passage: 9x

Lime wood 2mm
Speed: 1200
Power: 100%.
Laser passage: 55x

I wonder, if a parameter in the software won’t restrict the power? I’ve been trying various parameters for several weeks now.
If my power is below 80%, engraving (and cutting) is very difficult.
With a speed below 300, my result is coal.
Single passes at 1600 or 2000 in speed and 100% power give nothing.

Are there other members who have encountered this problem? Do you have any recommendations or things to check in the software?

Thanks !

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