Difficulties deleting object

I have an engraving that shows a couple of anomalies on the preview screen. This is stopped midway in the preview. The outer line is done as a reference point.

When I zoom in on either one, I can see the item or object and it appears as if I’m properly selecting it, but I cannot delete it.? This is the lower left ‘zoomed’.

Here’s the .lbrn file.

cannabis-leaf-01.lbrn (321.1 KB)

Any suggestions? I probably broke it… Thanks (8-(

the anomaly is in layers 7 and 10 and can be deleted after I have ultra-zoomed in to the topics

I don’t follow you on ‘ultra zoom in to the topics’… Have lunch right this minute. I’ll check back after I try and find this… Thanks so much…


in layer 7 there are 3 small objects in return I can not find more it in No. 10 — strange

… they are only in layer 7. What do you use this layer for?

The shape is locked. Right click it and unlock it.

And the way you can tell it’s locked is because the corners of the selection outline have little crosses.


Each will be at a different depth. The three objects in 7 are intentional, just part of the leaf structure. Those don’t seem to be the problem. It’s where the arrows are pointing. The second shot is zoomed in and that little dot shows up on the output. There is only two that are an issue.
Thanks for your patience. I’m only been working with this software for half a year or less.

Thanks… Don’t remember even seeing that… I’m trying all of this. I did lock the objects. But I have deleted a bunch of junk that was in the file. Using the same technique I couldn’t remove them.

Cool… Worked properly. Thank you sir… I was starting to wonder what I did. I guess that’s why I thought I had selected it.

There is a seperate question since it’s on the same item. I have these 4mm acrylic cutout that go into a chinese base that lights up. I’m making a few of these for a friend and as you can see from the picture the laser cuts out the circle part.

The blue layer (tool layer) is the outline of the acrylic. The red cut line extends out where there is no material. Can I set it not to fire over that part of the circle?


Convert to path, make 2 points at the frame and erase the lower part of the ring.
And by the way, I assumed you locked your layers on purpose, so I did not mention anything about it in your first post.

cannabis-leaf-02.lbrn (329.2 KB)

You are correct. I selected all of the leaf with the mouse and locked it. However I thought I had deleted some pieces after the lock.

I didn’t even think about using path. I will further educate myself.

Again, thanks a bunch… Take care.

Select your rectangle and hit ctrl+d to duplicate it in place. (one of them will be deleted in the next step)

Deselect the rectangle, then select the oval and shift+click to select the rectangle together in that order. (order is important)

Click Tools > Cut Shapes

One of the rectangles will be deleted, and the oval will be cut at that location.

You can now select the lower unwanted part of the oval and delete it and the other part will be open ended so the laser wont cut across that bottom edge.

Looks like I got what I want. Tried to find that in the docs, but really didn’t know what I was looking for. It usually is simple when you figure it out. Thanks for your help. (:0)

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