Difficulty engraving Zinc Alloy Buckle

60 Watt Monport Fiber laser

Tried setting of 100% power, frequency 50hz, and low speed. What are we doing wrong. Not marking on this material at all but no other issues on the stainless steel dog tags.

I’ve never used a fiber laser but I liked it.
From the very little you mentioned, I believe you used the same settings for different materials. From the little knowledge I have, I would say that different materials require different settings.(mainly frequency)

I think that you should make sure that your focal length is true because of the different
thickness of the material.Focal length is very important for fiber laser.

These are some settings I picked up for black marking zinc. I haven’t tried them as I have nothing involving zinc…

Suggest using the materials test to come up with some kind of settings that do what you want.

One of the biggest failures, including with me, was focus is very sensitive.

The shorter the lens the more critical the focus.

Good luck