Dimension changes

I make cell phone stands. I have occasion to change width of cut outs/slots according to material thickness. I can work in png, svg (preferable) or Illustrator.
Must be a quick and easy way to do this to a file without redrawing the entire item.
Any ideas welcome.

you can ungroup items and select the one you want to adjust…tongue/groove/slot etc…then click edit nodes then change by moving node. or you can click edit nodes, select the nodes you want to change, disconnect those nodes then select each line and adjust length by typing the dimension into the box for height or width. several youtube videos on the topic.

There isn’t yet, but will be soon…

That is great… :exploding_head:

Many of us have had that specific issue and it’s not an easy fix… This looks like a great update …


Available in the next version?


Tomorrow maybe? LOL

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How-To Resize Boxes and Slots - Lightburn Edition - YouTube

](How-To Resize Boxes and Slots - Lightburn Edition - YouTube)

Until OZ get’s finished with his update.
I used about three times before getting the hang of it, works great if you follow the instructions on the UTUBE.

Oz, thank you! You are an intuitive genius!

Is there a way to switch between ‘mm’ and ‘in’ in the “Resize Slot in Selection” feature? I missed seeing how to make the change. So far, if I convert my slot dimension to mm, then input it in the software, the slots do change size, but I have to convert both directions. Thanks.

Lightburn works internally with mm, so I suspect they haven’t applied the ‘inch’ option to it yet…

It has happened to other ‘functions’ they’ve built… initial release is mm only… so I suspect they know about it working only in mm at this time.


I keep forgetting that Americans do everything in inches and it’s maddening. :slight_smile:

That’ll be something for the next update, I’m afraid.

Using one or the other has never bothered me. In our shop it has always been pertinent to use either/or.
Although I haven’t gotten the “slots” program to work for me on a Mac, you do a fabulous job with LightBurn.

I am American and it’s madding to me…

Who though the length of someone foot being a useful standard? Not to mention the intelligence of dividing it by 12…?

I was told in high school we’d be all metric soon… Since everything around the world is metric along with most of the science work done …

And it cost us millions of dollars already…

Guess I’ll have to learn to live with it… :exploding_head: