Dimensions do not match

Hello, I have a workspace of 620 cm x 520 cm, when I draw a square shape of 10 cm x 10 cm on the lightburn grid. The laser draws me a square of 30 x 30 cm, the same for fonts that are always much larger! ex: Width: 10cm Height 2 cm the laser cut me 14cm long by 3.5 high!!!

Perhaps calibrating the axes will help:

However, the basic steps/mm configuration seems badly wrong, so starting from the basics may be more useful.

Do you have a link to a description of your laser? The vevor.com site doesn’t show any lasers at all.

Ok thanks problem solved, but now it engraves my fonts upside down? and it moves very quickly how to adjust the engraving speed? and fonts in place thank you

You should spend some time going through the setup doc, with particular attention to machine & job origins:

And layer speed & power settings:

In your spare time, though, you really should read the comprehensive LightBurn doc, because it will answer the next ten questions you come up with:

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