Diode laser and CO2 Laser

I purchased the Lightburn software for a jtech I had last year. I renewed it and I also just bought a CO2 laser and purchased that Upgrade also, My question is this. Does the software let you choose between the 2? or do I have to have 2 different laptops with Lightburn on each?

You can set up as many devices as you want on one copy of LightBurn and choose between them.

Thanks for the quick reply

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As Grumpy identifies, you can add all your devices into LightBurn and then pick the one you want to generate the output file for. You do this by adding a new profile clicking the ‘Devices’ button at the bottom-left of the ‘Laser’ window. Once you have configured your devices, you can change the desired output device in the pull-down on the right side of that same window. You can see I have a few setups. :wink:


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