Diode Laser Base (What to put under the machine)

Just got my first diode laser and I was wondering what everyone uses as a base.

Right now I just have it on top of a thick plywood (nothing the laser can cut through), but I assume once I start using it a lot, it’ll burn and get raggedy. Do people use sheet metal? aluminum foil? Would love to see people’s setups.

Is this what you have?

I have the Ortur Master, looks slightly different but yeah, basically the same thing.

Okay. Well I wouldn’t use metal foil, as that’s likely to divert the beam to your face when you least expect it. I’m not really sure how much of a concern that is with diode lasers though. Maybe a silicone mat might be a good idea?

Glue some cheap ceramic floor tiles to the piece of plywood.

Huh, never thought about that… and never came across it in Japan. Why ceramic floor tiles?

Fireproof and durable. Just make sure they have a matte finish so as not to reflect the laser beam.

Concrete backer board is cheap and fire resistant. It’s used as backing sometimes behind tile and usually comes in a 5’ x 3’ x 1/2" size and is basically a thin sheet of concrete with a mesh reinforcement inside.

I use it underneath my glass kiln to protect the shelf it’s on.


Is something similar available in Japan?

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