Diode Laser controlled by DSP, wiring hookups

I’m interested in repurposing my CO2 laser that has a Ruida 6445 DSP contoller. I’d like to take for example the xTools 40W diode module and mount it on my gantry. So, I think the movement of the laser head(diode in this case) should be easy, but how about control of the diode’s cutting? Any ideas on the wiring hookups? Thanks, Mark

The lps actually has two inputs to control the lasers operation. So the Ruida is designed to implement that 2 line control interface which is pretty standard.

LPWM → IN for power control and L-On → L for laser enable.

The real difference is that the led laser is toggled on/off with just the pwm, whereas the Ruida toggles the co2 via L-On, not via pwm.

The Ruida outputs a continuous pwm as long as that layer is executing. Your laser would be all the entire time… using just pwm.

Speculating, I think you could invert L-On (from active low) inside the controller and us it with a AND gate or something similar to get the proper signal…

In any rate, it will take some small amount of logic for the control signals and probably the need to invert the signal(s) somewhere…

We’d like to see it running :wink:

I had thought this over a bit… I’ve modified my China Blue a bit and since the head could be changed out I could mount one of my led types on it for fun…

When I finally was in a position to do it, I had removed anything, except air, going to the head, so no way to power and control to it… so I bought a fiber :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Good luck


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