Diode laser engraving inverted images - new issue

I own an XTool D1 10W diode laser. I edit my photos in imagR, then upload to Lightburn to run my laser. I’ve engraved hundreds of slate coasters, in the past. I’ve been away from my laser, for the past several months. When I attempted to run a set of coasters, just recently, preparing them exactly the way I always have, the engrave poorly, and it appears that my images are inverted. If I run an older image, that I’ve run before, it runs perfectly. What changed, in Lightburn, that is causing my issue? It’s frustrating!

This is usually caused by the machine origin being set incorrectly in the Device Settings…


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A picture of what you’re seeing and what you were expecting to see will help us generate accurate and helpful advice.

A screen capture tool is also kind to our eyes.

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