Diode Laser engraving issues

Hi everyone ! Need your advice please. I have been using my new Atomstack A10 Pro and doing ceramic engraving which work and have no problems. Unfortunately in the last engraving the laser engraver head lock screw when loose and slide down to the base and stopped. I Log out and log in again with the intention of doing engraving from the beginning. The Engraving machine seem to be working properly but it is not engraving. Initially I thought the tile that’s coated with TiO2 needed to have additional layers which I did added but it still do not burn. I tried another test using a tile coated with Rust Oleum paint but it also have the same problem. Is this LightBurn software issue. Look forward to any of your advice please. Thank you.

Could you provide a video showing your problem?

Dear Dela, Thank you for your reply. I’ll try to do it on Wednesday and sent you. I will also try the method recommended by Ron and if it work will inform you also. Thank you.

Dear Deli. Good morning. I managed to get it fix my engraver and is now working. I disconnected power and USB wires from computer and A10 Engraver, let it discharge power from capacitors and connected it back. Thanks.

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