Diode Laser Engraving Macro

I am looking to Engrave from a 20w Sculpfun Machine, can anyone help me as to what material is best for crisp fonts, I have tried Acrylic but had poor results at various settings.

One that will burn the least. I burned 1mm readable text in Baltic ply with a 10w laser. Crispness depends on the material, power, speed, font, and whether or not a UFO is flying over.

Acrylic does not burn in a Diode machine, it melts. How about you tell us what your need is and maybe we can offer realistic suggestions.

What is your application? What are you going to do with your project?


Hello Mikey, Thanks for your message, I want to engrave on an area of approximately 35mm width 45 length, its a personal badge at the bottom of a snooker cue, the cue is 100% so i dont want to engrave on wood…is there any other material which is suitable…like plastic as an example.

You might consider the 2-layer laser engravable plastic. It comes in sheets and credit card sizes.

I dont want to use wood, as the cue is wood…This is my attempt at Acrylic…terrible, plastics or anything like it would be good, I also tried Ivorine…that just melted it.

This would be perfect…

I am guessing the image is Ivorine?

This is what I am talking about. Look for white over black.