Diode laser MagPul mags

Has anyone done this! I’ve been experimenting with my 5-5.5 watt diode and I can engrave but there is no color change like all the photos I see online, I assume this has to do with them using fiber lasers?

You will have to show us a picture or a link of what you expect and what your results are.

If I remember correctly, they are metal, but I’ve seen some that are some type of polymer… What material are you trying to work with.

Links are OK also …


These are a polymer, I haven’t attempted the metal mags, was just curious if anyone out there had done any with a diode laser
Not sure how to attach a link but culperprecision.com does pmags

Pretty much all of the work you’ll see online for PMAGS is done with Fiber lasers. That’s what is required to do the different tan and white shades you see.

This video is less than 10 minutes and shows one on a fiber… may not be of much help…


PMAGs are a glass filled nylon (not sure what the glass fill percentage is, but the fibers are far, far longer than in other FRP formulations, which is what gives them such impressive durability). I’ve only run them on my fiber laser (with EzCad3, ugh - LB team, pls give us EZ3 compatibility, kthx bye), and a lot of experimentation was needed to get bright markings.

got it thanks