Diode lasers question

Im wondering if anyone has other branded lasers, for some reason i have noticed that one laser will work better with light burn then another. I have a a bachin maker laser works best with light burn then now i have cronosmaker laser works best with lasergrbl. Or would it be the control board that could be the reason have a bachin and cronosmaker boards. Then i have a laser i bought off amazon not sure the brand and that works great with both LB and Lasergrbl using a eleksmaker board with that.

Have a look at the GCode produced from LaserGRBL and from LightBurn. It’s quite possible that the differences could be from choosing the wrong driver for the board you’re using, or something incorrect in the device setup. The most common issue is setting the S-Value Max parameter incorrectly.

Thanks i will take a look this weekend

I have also a Bachin but until now after a lot of tries have not been able to make any good work with LightBurn :frowning: I used the proprietary software and can print images with good results but haven’t been able to manage with LB. @riley1234198 hat are the settings you are using?