Disable Summary emails

I’ve hunted through my profile, and nothing sticks out. How do I disable forum summary emails?

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Nope. That box is unchecked, and I check the forum usually daily, if not every few days. And yet I keep getting the emails.

Hmmm… Since I’m here in the Web UI more or less constantly, I have emails completely turned off, and it works as intended. Maybe you can “jiggle the handle” by enabling it, saving, then disabling it, and saving again?

The other fun thing is we have a dave01a user, with a different email address, and that one has the summary emails turned on. I wonder if that’s also you. I can’t provide more details due to data privacy considerations, but if you want to send us an email to referencing this (and ask for Ray), and tell us what email address you’re receiving the digest emails at, I might be able to point you in the right direction.

I think you found the problem. The 01a is back in the fog of resolving a different problem. Please delete the 01a account.


Did you delete the old Dave01a? I got a summary on the country cutter email today?

LOL! Were you a plumber in your other career?

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